Saturday, March 10, 2012


Most of my items have arrived and I had such a good time opening up all of my packages. I took photos of my gets to show you Beautiful Gals I uploaded the photos to fotobucket so that I could set the sizes but now the site isn't letting me edit some of the pics for some reason. I hope the pics look okay

First here are the things I purchased from Urban Decay

From left to right:
Book of Shadows IV this item was too good a deal to pass up it was listed as $44 on the site but there is a $15 off promo code this brings the price to just $29! The promo code is SEVENTEEN11

 Fun Palette from the Feminine, Dangerous Fun collection on sale for $16

Afterglow Glide on Cheek tint in  Quickie $24

Surreal Skin Mineral makeup in Trippy  $31

Sparkling Lickable body powder in Cocoa on sale for $9

More pics

The next item is from Coastal Scents. I ordered the 22 piece brush set. The set comes in a faux leather brush roll. and I also received a free bumper sticker that says Makeup Addict I love it :D

22 piece Brush Set $34.95 after promo code item was $24.81!

I wanted new storage something that looks sleek I stumbled across these drawer units on youtube I compared the prices on a couple of sites and decided to order from Organize-It because they offered the lowest price. I ordered 4 One did arrive cracked but I called Customer Service and they did agree to send another one to me right away. I hope this one Arrives in good condition.

Clear 3 Drawer units with chrome knobs $11.99 each
I found a promo code %12 off orders $50 or more just the drawers weren't enough to get the discount so I also ordered a pack of Sqeezit tube squeezers for 2.99 this brought the total to 44.84. In case anyone wants the promo code it's EM8845

I also needed a new item for storing my cotton buds and cotton pads I made a trip to one of my favorite stores Ikea. I didn't find anything I liked in the bathroom section but I found something right away in the kitchen section I believe these jars are actually meant to store food but they are just the right size for what I needed.

2 Kitchen storage Jars $3.99 each

That's what I've received so far. I still have one more order coming with my lenses and lashes. I will post that up as soon as it arrives. I will be posting reviews on these items as well after I have a chance to use them. If anyone has any questions or comments feel free to add them. Bye Bye Gorgeous Gals

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