Friday, March 30, 2012

Small Haul Back to Mac and Lime Crime

I recently discovered that I could Back to MAC the depotted eyeshadow containers I had. For anyone that doesn't know Back to MAc is a recycling program where you can return your empty plastic containers to your Mac Counter for a freebie lipstick. For every 6 empties you turn in you get 1 lipstick I had 18 empties so I got 3 Lipsticks! From Left to Right In the pics Creme D'nude which is a Cream Sheen formula lipstick in a pretty nude color (I have been wanting this for a while) Vegas Volt which is an awesome Orangey pink Coral (I can't even describe it I bought it on a whim), and Chatterbox A bright medium pink. That's all I got from MAC the last lipstick I got is from Lime Crime In the Color Contessa Fluorescent It's a a bright gorgeous pink with a blue undertone. I was a little hesitant at first because the color is so bright but I love it.

Swatches are from Left to right Creame D'Nude, Vegas Volt, Chatterbox, Countessa Fluorescent.

So Far my Favorites are Vegas Volt, and Countessa Fluorescent they look awesome on and work with my skin tone. The others I will have to work a little bit with but I'm a firm believer that you can make any color work for you there are multiple things you can do like add a lipliner, put a gloss on top, or blot.

Hope You Gorgeous Gals enjoyed my Haul Follow me and please feel free to comment or ask any questions


  1. those lipsticks look gorgeous and i've heard good things about the brand

  2. Hi lexi both the MAC and the Lime Crime I have found to be great quality lipsticks. The line crime one is also a lip stain for that extra staying power.