Wednesday, March 7, 2012

TAG: Say Three

1) Top three things you love about your hair

  • My Curls 
  • How very soft it feels 
  • The length. Currently BSL and mine all mine 

2) Top Three things you have learnt since being on your hair journey

  • To detangle under running water 
  • To take my time and never rush and rip through my hair when detangling 
  • Protein and moisture must be balanced

3) Top three things you want to accomplish during your hair journey

  • Learn how to defeat these single strand knots SSKs
  • Make it to my Long Term length goal of Waist Length (when straightened)
  • Prevent as much breakage as possible 

4) Top Three things/Products you love:

  • Coconut Oil ( love this stuff I use it as a prepoo, oil rinse, to seal, to moisturize my skin etc etc)
  • Aubreys Organics GPB conditioner 
  • HE Hello Hydration 

5) Top three Hair inspirations (youtube or otherwise)

  • glamtwinz334 (You Tube with straightened hair)
  • Flower Hair (Hair Forum)
  • FusionofCultures (YouTube)
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