Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Vanity/ Makeup Organization

Hey gorgeous gals I decided to just do an overview in pictures of my Vanity/Makeup organization. I decided to do this because I love to see others makeup organization and collections. I didn't go into detail because I'm considering doing a video of my collection so this is just kind of an overview.

My vanity itself is the Malm Vanity from Ikea I love the clean lines of this piece.

The clear acylic drawer units on the right are from as seen in a previous post.

The white wire caddy on the left hand side of the pic I use to hold my palettes is from a local thrift store

A peek inside the bottom 3 drawer Units Face and Cheek products

The middle units Contain Eye shadow Palettes and lip products, The top unit contain eyeshadow bases, gel liners, and pigments

This is the white wire caddy I use to hold my palettes. It holds quite a few palettes I store 5 M.A.C palettes, an Urban Decay Book of Shadows, and my BH cosmetics Blush palette in there.
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  1. Great organisation! love how everything is stored in those acrylic boxes and that white wire caddy is very pretty and vintage style~~

  2. Thank You! That caddie was a real find I knew when I saw it I had to get it for my vanity it was just lucky that my palettes fit in it.